Don’t Get Tattooed If You’re Sick

You’ve been waiting to get your tattoo but the day of your tattoo, you’re sick.

When you’re sick, your body is trying to fight a virus. You need your body at its best to fight off a cold or flu. And not to mention a tattoo if given while you’re sick. Your body will be trying to heal a wound, your tattoo at the same time. Since the body is working overtime to heal you from your cold or flu as well as the tattoo wound, it’s going to take longer for your tattoo to heal and to get better from your cold. Stay home, rest and take care of yourself.


In the Studio multiple people every day are getting tattooed and having their skin opened up. The skin is the number one defense against viruses like cold and flu. Coming into the Studio could cause adverse effects on them. Even though we do our best to sterilize the Studio, for the next few days everyone who gets tattooed may have a potential of getting sick themselves.


The Artist is sitting very close to you during the design and tattoo phase. They are breathing the same air as you so you’re pretty much it could get them sick. If you are sick, the Artist will make effort to reschedule the appointment for you and your deposit will be moved to the rescheduled appointment. We pride ourselves in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for our clients and us. Please do your part to help us attain this goal.